2020 Year-long Trip Across America

Last year my wife and I quit our jobs and traveled America. We knew it was going to be a crazy year, a country gripped with political and social unrest, and we set loose within it, but little did we know something like a pandemic would happen. It’s been challenging, surprising, and strange, but we prevailed, moving cautiously, having to improvise a lot, trying to skirt cities and crowds while calling wild places—and the occasional rental—our home. It’s not the year we expected, and we’ve been more alone than we would have liked, but we’ve seen a lot of this incredible country. Little by little I’ve been documenting it, now with about a six-month lag, with the best writing and pictures I’ve been able to make. We lovingly call this trip our sabbat, but you’ll probably find it here under the tag #2020 Road Trip.