Just Elsewhere, But Thinking of You

O dear blog, I have been a terrible patron. But I haven’t forgotten about you. I’ve been busy with other things. As is customary for these autumn months, I suppose.

So I don’t have much in the way of, like, content, but I thought I’d mention just a few things.

1. I’ve sent off my fall round to mags and already had some hits. The world is just! Check out “Side/Side” and “A Yellow Bucket of Sun” next summer at Drunken Boat. Of course I’ll be so kind as to let you know when it actually comes out. Thank you for humoring me with your attention.

2. As I was rehashing my cover letter, I came upon an engagement for you. While I want so very badly to say the internet (interwebs is dead, please, from here on out, use intertron) has great effect on writing students, that it is determining a new world order of poetic composition, etc., but I haven’t really been able to prove it. Moreso, as I was thinking about these things, I realized that the more accurate seachange, perhaps, is that of psychological awareness. And of course the two things are related, at least, that the internet provides us access to unbelievable amounts of external information, and psychology (might we say we live in a post-psychoanalytical world?), our self-awareness, has provided us with unbelievable amounts of internal information. What is the relationship between these two things? Where do they intersect in poetry? Discuss.

3. On a large David Foster Wallace spree, as noted in earlier posts, and I just want to push you to read, at some point in the near future, his short story “Tri-Stam: I Sold Sissee Nar to Ecko.” A medieval-style telling of California and the birth of rerun television. It’s some of the best satire I’ve ever read. So goes the words of Dirk of Fresno, Ovid the epiclete.

In other news, hoping to make out with Neko Case on Friday. I have a detailed plan on the shared drive, if you are so concerned.

“The most tender place in my heart is for strangers”

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